Welcome to Our Restaurant

$14.99 Hot Deal

Succulent Baby Back Ribs

Our succulent baby back ribs are slow cooked to perfection and then covered with our own unique bar-b-que sauce. They will fall off the bone into your mouth, and keep you coming back for more.

$14.99 Hot Deal

Fresh grilled salmon

Our salmon is seasoned to perfection and then grilled over a wood fire to seal in all the flavor. We serve only the freshest wild caught salmon to help ensure you get the best tasting dish of your life.

$14.99 Hot Deal

Grilled Choice Steak

Choose from a variety of different sizes when you order our incredible steak. Select how done you want it and our chef will season and grill it just to your liking.

Royal Bar & Grill menu

Main Courses

Custom Shish Kibob
Your choice of meats & veggies grilled to perfection
$ 8.50
Extra Large Jump Shrimp
Fresh jumbo shrimp marinated and cooked on the spot for you
$ 8.50
Design Your Own Pasta
Your choice of noodle, sauce and even meat all cooked and served fresh
$ 8.50
Slow Cooked Rotisserie Chicken
Our rotisserie chicken is slow cooked over a low heat for the juiciest chicken ever
$ 8.50
Seasoned & Fried Calamari
Perfectly cooked calamari served with your choice of dipping sauce
$ 8.50
Choice of Fresh Grilled Fish
Your choice of seasonal fish grilled to your liking and served hot
$ 8.50

Healthy Salads

Fresh Spring Salad
Our spring salad offers crisp greens with your choice of dressing
$ 8.50
Cesar Salad
You’ll love this extra-large Cesar salad with homemade dressing
$ 4.50
Chopped Chicken Salad
Our chicken salad is perfect when you want a more filling meal
$ 8.50
House Salad
Our house salad has fresh greens, veggies, mushrooms and your choice of dressing
$ 4.50

Tasty Desserts

Sea-Salt Caramel Pudding
Fresh, home-made caramel pudding with sea-salt to bring out the flavor
$ 8.50
Hot Apple Pie & Vanilla Ice Cream
We bake our apple pies fresh every day and serve with ice cream
$ 8.50
Double Chocolate Hot Fudge Sunday
Our custom hot fudge Sunday is perfect for any chocolate lover
$ 8.50
Strawberry Short Cake
We make our short cake daily and serve it with fresh strawberries
$ 8.50

Our Amazing Services

Ready to Go Meal

Stop in any time and be enjoying a delicious meal in just moment. Our ready to go meals are perfect for busy families or others who want something great, but without the wait.

Function Catering

We offer high quality catering for parties, conferences, weddings and anything else you can imagine. Great tasting food for parties of any size. Call today to make arrangements.

Delivery Service

We can delivery any of our delicious menu items right to your door. Call now to make your order and we’ll have it delivered in no time. All the taste of a restaurant, with the comforts of home.


Royal bar & grill has been a popular destination for family dinners, casual dates or just hanging out with friends for years. We have a full menu of high quality foods, cooked to perfection by our head chef who has over 10 years of experience. You’ll love the fun atmosphere where you can relax and enjoy yourself, without being overwhelmed by deafening music.

You’ll also love our fully stoked bar where we can make you any type of drink you can imagine. We have eight beers on tap, including four seasonal selections from local breweries. Our experienced bar tender can also mix you a wide range of incredible drinks that everyone will love. Come on in for a meal, or just a few drinks. We look forward to serving you soon.

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