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Wh​ere things get better

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About RB​G

We have been serving irresistible ​comfort food since 2024. Our ​mission is to keep you smiling ​each time you walk in. Treat ​yourself to a feel-good ​environment and let us do the ​rest.

A Matter of Taste

There's a reason our regulars have been coming back for more. Word of mouth has been our only advertisement - but happy mouths are the best ambassadors!


Fresh, Seasonal Ingredients

Our menu follows the seasons, featuring the best local produce available


Comfort Food, Elevated

We have simple crowd-favorites on the menu - but we do them well. Our flavors stand out, guaranteed.


Better Beverages

We're your cafe and barista in one, serving your favorite cuppa by sun-up, and your cocktail-of-choice by sundown.

On the Menu

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Meat and Vegetable Burger

Gourmet Burgers

Packed with flavor and

cooked to perfection

Roasted chicken wings on baking pan

Chicken Wings

Paired with dipping sauces

that are too good to pass up

Summer Orange Cocktail in Glasses

Thirst Quenchers

Choose from classic blends

and unique concoctions

Meet our Team

Aman Aashish

Director of operations

Sanjeev Kumar

Head Chef

Swing by soon!

Royal Bar & Grill​

85​9 Belmont Ave SW

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